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Kiyan Banuri & Being Muslim During COVID - #plugintodevin
May 11, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress

Guest: Kiyan Banuri
Issue: The most issue that is most important to my community is the compounding effects of the COVID-19 pandemic during Ramadan, as well as Islamaphobic rhetoric posited by public officials during the pandemic. As a Muslim, and an active member of the Muslim community, the cessation of congregations--praying at Mosque, reading the Quran, and other issues--have made Ramadan isolating and starkly different for many Muslims. And, tweets of political officials have spread anti-Muslim rhetoric as against the rule of law, social distancing, and gaining preferential treatment. These issues have deep impacts in the Muslim community, and I have felt the lack of knowledge and media coverage of the faith have lead to prejudice and Islamaphobia, especially during these trying times. I believe that exposure of Islam and its traditions, as well as emphasizing the commonality between Islamic and other value systems are important, especially in a time when households are on edge due to various issues such as job losses, the fear of infection or infection, etc.

Bio: Kiyan Banuri is a Pakistani-American Muslim who hails from Utah. He currently studies International Relations and Japanese at Tufts University. Prior to college, Kiyan was heavily involved in Policy Debate, ranking amongst the top 25 in the United States, presiding Utah State Champion for 3 years in a row, researching various issues such as immigration, foreign policy, education, and surveillance policy. Learning the power of his own voice, he now wants to promote communicative effectiveness by helping others with their voice and ideas through opportunities in political campaigns, consultancy, and volunteering. He volunteered with the Emerald Project as an Ambassador, helping the non-profit combat the misrepresentations of Islam. And, he currently serves as an Executive Board member of the Tufts Association of South Asians, where he coordinates cultural events and celebrations on campus; these events attract hundreds of attendants, from around the east coast. He also serves as a selected consultant for 180 Degrees Consulting, the world's largest university-based consultancy. He aided in social media marketing, financial, and proof-of-model projects for various non-profit clients.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009655756571
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kiyan-banuri-440289196/
Instagram: @kbanuri

Photo credit: Kirt Thorne

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Philippe & Ashlan Cousteu Discuss Climate Change - #plugintodevin
May 08, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress

Guest: Philippe Cousteau
Issue: Environment. We are all suffering as our climate changes, our ocean health declines and the war on science continues to make us less healthy, less resilient and less sustainable. We need to recognize that the war on science must stop and that we must build a sustainable society. This pandemic is an opportunity to accelerate that trend.

Bio: Inspired by the legacy of his grandfather of Jacques Cousteau, Philippe is an multi Emmy-Nominated TV host and producer as well as an author, speaker, and social entrepreneur.
Philippe is the host and executive producer of the multi-Emmy nominated weekly syndicated series Awesome Planet, now in its sixth season. Philippe and Ashlan’s latest project is a Virtual Reality program called Drop in the Ocean which gives participants an immersive adventure exploring the ocean and premieres at Tribeca Film Festival Interactive in the spring of 2019. Recently Philippe and his wife Ashlan were the stars of The Travel Channel’s hit series Caribbean Pirate Treasure; winner of a Cynopsis Media Award for Best Adventure Reality Series. In 2016 Philippe teamed up with his wife Ashlan to co-host Nuclear Sharks, the #1 show for Discovery’s Shark Week. In 2015, they co-hosted a three-part series with Takepart.com, exploring tiger and rhino conservation in Nepal called Treasures of the Terai. As a special correspondent for CNN, he has hosted several award-winning shows, including his series Going Green which ran for four years and the 8-part special Expedition Sumatra. Philippe has also hosted and produced television programs for Animal Planet and the 8-part series Oceans for the BBC and Discovery Channel. His conservation efforts are focused on solving global social and environmental problems. In 2005 he founded EarthEcho International; a leading environmental education organization dedicated to inspiring youth to take action for a sustainable planet. To date, 2 million youth in 146 countries have participated in EarthEcho programs. Philippe has served as a consultant on a select group of international resort developments where he advises on best practices for social and environmental sustainability and his team designs immersive and meaningful 21st century experiences that leverage local environmental and cultural assets to redefine destinations.

Twitter: @pcousteau
Facebook: @pcousteau
Linkedin: *|LinkedIn Profile|*
Instagram: @pcousteau

Photo credit: Voyacy Ventures

Guest: Ashlan Cousteau

Bio: Journalist and explorer, Ashlan Gorse Cousteau, travels the world in search of stories that entertain and inspire. From diving with great white sharks off Mexico, searching for tigers in the jungles of Nepal and filming caribou migrations in the Arctic, Cousteau engages viewers through incredible storytelling and experiences. Most recently, Ashlan was the co-star of Travel Channel’s award winning series, Caribbean Pirate Treasure. She, along with her husband Philippe Cousteau dive into maritime mysteries, explore pirate history and investigate the lore of lost treasures. Ashlan’s documentary, Nuclear Sharks, for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2016 premiered as the #1 rated show across all cable programming. Traveling to the Marshall Islands, she led an expedition to film, tag and investigate the mystical grey reef sharks who survived against all odds in the fall out of one of the world’s largest nuclear testing grounds. Ashlan also joined the eccentric crew of the “Desiree” for season two of The Aquatic World of Philippe Cousteau, the highly successful adventure spoof, on CNN’s digital platform Great Big Story. For over a decade, Ashlan worked for top rated entertainment shows; at Entertainment Tonight as a special correspondent and for 7 years prior as a correspondent and fill-in anchor for E! News. She also was the lead anchor of E! News Now, reaching millions of digital viewers daily. As an entertainment journalist, she covered everything from breaking news and celebrity exclusives to award shows and premieres. Cousteau’s endeavors go beyond television. In January of 2017, she traveled to Antarctica to be a headlining speaker at TedxScottBase where her talk, Laugh, Cry, Connect…How Entertainment Can Save Our Planet, was received with great praise. At the request of the United Nations, Ashlan served as host for the UN’s Convention on Migratory Species in Quito, Ecuador. She has presented at the Society of Environmental Journalists, DreamForce and SXSW Eco. Ashlan was selected by former Vice-President Al Gore to be the opening anchor for his internationally live broadcast of 24 Hours of Reality and continues to be a leading voice for environmental issues on Capitol Hill.

Website: www.earthecho.org
Twitter: @ashlancousteau
Facebook: @ashlancousteau
Instagram: @ashlancousteau

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Scott Howell Discusses Education & Healthcare - #plugintodevin
May 07, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress

Guest: Scott N. Howell
Office Held: Utah State Senate
Issue: Healthcare and Education. I am concerned about my grandchildren receiving the best healthcare and education. Making sure healthcare if affordable. Providing the best quality education.

Bio: Scott N. Howell currently is a consultant providing government relations consulting to businesses and organizations, including several development companies and various business and civic entities. Scott spent 34 years with the IBM Corporation most recently as Director for the Public Sector Industry guiding government and business leaders in pursuit of outcome-based strategies and successful delivery of implementation initiatives. During 1990 to 2000 Scott served as a Utah State Senator. For eight of those years he served as the Senate Minority Leader. In 2000 and 2012 Scott was elected as the Democratic Nominee for the United States Senate.

#plugintodevin #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol

Town Hall
May 06, 2020 02:37 PM PDT

Listen to my town hall to hear around various issues!

Karina Brown Discusses Healthcare Solutions - #plugintodevin
May 06, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress

Guest: Karina Brown
Office Held: City of Nibley Planning Commissioner
Office Sought: Lt. Governor
Issue: Healthcare Access - Medicaid Expansion is available for people in need. Complete expansion up the 138% of the poverty level went into effect 1/1/20. I was one of the five signatories or sponsors of Proposition 3 to expand Medicaid. I became interested in this issue because my mother passed away in the healthcare coverage gap in 2013. I feel it is important for people to have access to quality primary care especially with the potential loss of employment during the pandemic.

Bio: Karina is President of the Cache County Friends of the Children's Justice Center Board and was a founding sponsor of the Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative (Proposition 3) adopted by Utah voters in 2018. She also serves on the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is Co-Chair of the Cache Chamber Legislative Affairs Committee. She is a Planning Commissioner for the city of Nibley, Utah. And she is the co-founder of the Cache Valley United for Change organization dedicated to promoting civic engagement. Karina also currently serves as Co-Chair of Cache Celebration of Women's Suffrage 2020, an organization working to celebrate the centennial of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote. The organization is dedicated to educating Utah students about voting history including the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and 1870 when Seraph Young of Utah was the first woman in America to vote under an equal suffrage law. The Women’s Suffrage 2020 curriculum includes an educational exhibit available to school districts across the state. Brown has an M.S. in Human, Environmental, and Consumer Resources from Eastern Michigan University and a B.S. in Family Resources and Human Development from Arizona State University. She is currently pursuing a Public Leadership Credential from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Karina is married to Dr. Karl Brown, a physician and Air Force veteran and is a mother of four fabulous children in Nibley, Utah (Cache Valley). Her hobbies include fitness, spending time with family, listening to audio books, and playing violin and guitar.

Website: www.petersonforutah.com
Twitter: @petersonutah @karinaforutah
Facebook: facebook.com/karinaandelinbrownforutah
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karina-andelin-brown-23067aa6
Instagram: @karinaforutah @petersonforutah

Photo credit: Alina Brown

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This Utah Company Is Using Technology to Recycle Plastic - #plugintodevin
May 05, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress

Guest: Priyanka Bakaya

Bio: Priyanka Bakaya is Renewlogy’s CEO and is an entrepreneurial environmental leader. Bakaya worked in the energy research sector and in electronic waste, which led to her researching plastic waste technologies during her time at MIT. Bakaya also worked in venture capital on start-up financing for Silicon Valley firms Accel Partners and Globespan Capital. Bakaya has previously been selected as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a Lightspeed Venture Fellow and a Laureate for the Cartier Women’s Global Initiative. She has been named to the Fortune 40 under 40 Ones to Watch List, and Forbes 30 under 30 List in Energy and Waste360 40 under 40. She is a graduate of MIT and Stanford (Honors).

Website: http://renewlogy.com/
Twitter: @renewlogy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Renewlogy/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pbakaya/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renewlogy/

#plugintodevin #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol

Lightning Fast Town Hall - #plugintodevin
May 04, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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With questions submitted in advance, Devin answers 10 questions in about 10 minutes.

Topics include healthcare, the war on drugs, education, rural communities, water and ethics.

Questions from Carol Fineagan, Sean Thomas, Richard Davidson, Janis Baker Ferre, Nate Blouin, Walt Sorenson, Margie Broschinsky, Jake Garn, Cindy England and Richard Swart.

#plugintodevin #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol

Jamie Cheek & I Discuss Healthcare
May 01, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress

Guest: Jamie Cheek
Office Sought: Utah's 1st Congressional District
Issue: Healthcare. Everyday I see people who can't afford or access healthcare. Growing up my family was on Medicaid. Growing up in a small town, my mother hated using it because "everybody knew everybody." I honestly believe this is why she delayed getting healthcare for herself when she was sick. By the time she went to the doctor, at the age of 35, she was diagnosed with Metastatic Colon Cancer and died within a month of being diagnosed. I was only 16 when she passed, and my brother was 15 and our younger sister was only 3, the same age as my daughter now. My take is that as your Congresswoman, I would fight for affordable and accessible healthcare. We hear too many stories of people delaying going to the doctor for treatable and preventable illnesses because they don't have healthcare. There have been so many stories of people dying from COVID-19 having their last concerns being the financial burden they are leaving to their families for their treatment. America must do better on this issue and I am willing to fight for this when I get to Washington.

I firmly believe that healthcare is a human right and that we need to be doing more to help our most vulnerable. We need to stop lining insurance companies profits and focus more on the people who need the access to affordable healthcare. People shouldn't have to worry about the costs of life saving treatment or waiting til the last moment to seek care.
Bio: Jamie grew up in Wyoming and moved to Utah nearly a decade ago. She now lives in Ogden with her husband and daughter. She works as a District Director for Utah State of Rehabilitation where she managers a $1 million+ budget as well as supervises over 15 people. Her work allows her to help many of the most vulnerable populations find greater independence through gainful and fulfilling employment. She has decided to run for this congressional seat because Utah Deserves Better. She is focused on issues that can make a difference in the lives of Utahns: a champion for the causes and policies that prioritize people over profits. This includes focusing on issues like affordable healthcare, clearing Utah's air and investing in education. As an unabashed optimist, she rejects the politics of fear and hate that pervade the status quo. “Utahns are compassionate people and our values are not being represented by our politicians, who remain impervious to public sentiment. It is time to elect someone different -- someone who will listen to her constituents and will tirelessly work to make their lives better.”

Website: cheekforutah.com
Twitter: @cheekforutah
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamie.cheek.33
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-cheek-14543930/
Instagram: @cheekforutah

#plugintodevin #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol

UT CD-3 Candidate Jared Anderson Discusses Poverty & Solutions
April 30, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress

Guest: Jared Anderson
Office Sought: Utah 3rd Congressional District
Issue: Poverty
Better monetary income is an idea to bring hope back into the lives of the American people. I’d equate it to what the G.I. Bill was after the 2nd World War. I support it wholeheartedly.

Bio: Jared is a father, husband, student, and progressive. He is currently writing a book to defend the democratic institutions of our polarized nation. He is a history nut and loves the musical Hamilton.

Twitter: @jaredforutah

#plugintodevin #UtahValues #BoldSolutions #UTpol

Jazmin May Discusses The Need For Equal Opportunities For DREAMers & More
April 29, 2020 08:00 AM PDT
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#plugintodevin Show - Devin Thorpe for Congress

Guest: Jazmin May
Issue: Immigration and Education. I am a DACA recipient. We need to find a pathway for Dreamers and their parents to obtain citizenship and grant us equal opportunity in this country.

Bio: Jazmin May has a passion for community work and advocacy. She believe that every member of the community has a right to access the resources they need to be successful. Jazmin had a lot of helping getting to where she is today. She came to the United States when she was five years old. Knowing no English she was places in 1st grade where she took it upon herself to learn English very quickly and do well in school. From a young age Jazmin loved learning and school. As she got older she knew the challenges that came with being undocumented. Applying to college and getting financial aid would be difficult. That however motivated her even more to work harder in high school. With the help of many of her teachers and the AVID program Jazmin was able to go to her dream school, Westminster College. The DACA program that started in 2012 created under the Obama administration helped Jazmin to get her work permit and be able to contribute to her education. But as luck would have it, not only did Jazmin get accepted to Westminster but she received a full tuition scholarship to attend. During her time at Westminster, she was very involved on campus. She was a tour guide, a class senator, on the student government events team, an orientation leader then assistant. Jazmin also mentored incoming first year students through a mentoring program on campus. Eventually she was the coordinator for that program in her last two years of college. All this helped her to become the student body president for Westminster. Jazmin found her passion to help people and empower others. She knew many people had helped her with her own goals that she wanted to give back to the community. During her college years she worked at East High School as an Outreach mentor in the GEAR UP program. She helped students get ready and understand college, how to apply for scholarships and financial aid etc. She understood what it was like to be undocumented, wanting to go to college but not knowing how to get there or if it was a possibility. That is why she wanted to guide others who are undocumented or come from minority backgrounds. Jazmin graduated with a degree in Communication, she received the Board of Trustees Charter Award at commencement. Afterwards Jazmin went to work for a charter school. There she got to see what education was like from the inside and how our current system impacts english language learners. And how we should be doing more for them. Jazmin is part of League of United Latin American Citizens and also worked for mayoral candidate Luz Escamilla, who inspired her to continue her path in politics. From there, Jazmin went to work for a presidential candidate and is currently working for Devin Thorpe for Congress. Jazmin hopes to continue working in politics to make sure the right people get elected. To ensure communities are being heard and we are understanding what the needs of the people are. To help show that a DREAMer can be involved in politics and create change to help her community.

Twitter: @1jazminmay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jazmin.may.9
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jazmin-may
Instagram: @jazzymay2

Photo credit: Ezra Schofield

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